BYB X Lee So , Beijing SKP summer window




Beijing SKP is a joint venture department store invested by Beijing Hualian Group and it opened on April 19, 2007,and positioned as a high-class luxury and fashion. It's not only one of the most iconic fashion and luxury department stores in the world, but also the ultimate fashion lifestyle and shopping destination in Beijing. It owns internationally renowned boutiques, and concept stores including Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Prada, and other well-known brands.



This summer, the BYB team continues to work on a luxury high-end display project together with Korean artist Lee Sol by presenting a new visual merchandising project for SKP in Beijing. From a new perspective, the combination of color and humanity creatively presents the natural scenery of sunshine, natural vegetation, animals, and so on, restoring the artistic conception and taste in the summer sunshine.





The Korean young artist Lee Sol is keen to explore how personal emotions affect space and express his inner world through visual scenes. He is also known as “venusmansion” on Instagram. Nowadays he brings a「 WILD SUMMER 」to Beijing. Join the SKP expedition with the BYB team and step into the wildest destinations of our planet.



The theme design of this project is seeking natural immersion, therefore it attempts to represent different natural landscapes and day phases through a range of colors, wrapping the environment in a natural atmosphere.



The idea is to relate a day of the sun which is the eternal provider of summer and everything that results out of it. Going through the spectrum of all those unique colors of summer days from dawn to duck,and tropical herds that merge with their environments,for example,simulating flamingos plunging into the lagoon,only using 2 colors,one that corresponds to the animal and another color that belongs to the environment in which they live.







For this reason, we hope that can be connected the relationship between people and nature through the sharing of this project case and create more place innovation spirit in the retail industry by using lots of available design space.