• 2018 Window Seen AUG

    Shanghai, China

  • 2018 Window Seen AUG

    Shanghai, China

  • 2018 Window Seen AUG

    Shanghai, China

  • 2018 Window Seen AUG

    Shanghai, China

Brand Your Business

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Top-brands have trusted us.

An efficient VM strategy, a key to success.

In fashion retail industry, capturing consumer attention is key to success.

Nothing advocates a product more directly than Visual Merchandising.

Well-designed VM Campaign decides what customer sees at first glance, exterior and interior.

It creates positive image of a business and results in attention, interests, desire and action on consumer side.

A Chinese & International team of experts.

Understanding the essence and needs of VM is crucial to develop effective strategies for your stores.

BYB is a visual merchandising consulting company which aims to support the brands operating in the fashion retail industry that want to stand out and appeal its clients with unique and relevant inspiring visual merchandising solutions.

More than any other company, BYB has the knowledge and the expertise to tailor made your brand’s needs.









CEO & Founder
Beauty & Cosmetic Art Director
Window & Event Design Manager
Executive Assistant
Visual Merchandising Manager
Space Designer
Senior Designer
Project Manager
Retail Space Designer
Admin Assistant


E-mail: info@byb-vm.com Telephone: +8621 5653 2085 Address: Room 406, 71 West Suzhou Road, Shanghai, China Direct me on Baidu Map